I never truly realized just how much money was out there to be made on the internet.  For years I watched all of my favorite YouTube channels without even beginning to understand how their business models worked.  Basically, if you can create content that is popular enough, you can make a good amount of money on YouTube through donations from your fans and subscribers, or from ad revenue.  When your video is seen by enough people, advertisers will pay you in order to advertise on them, and that is a good chunk of the revenue that a lot of these channels receive.  In order to get started, however, it is probably a good idea for a content creator to buy YouTube views so that they can push up their statistics to the point where YouTube will recognize them as a popular page.  Once YouTube has done that, the subscribers will naturally come flocking in as more and more people see your page.

buy YouTube views

    This was something that I learned the hard way, as I spent months and months without getting very many views on my channel, and I did not understand what it was that I was doing wrong.  All of these similar channels were getting hundreds of thousands of views on their videos, while I was merely getting hundreds.  Thankfully, a friend of mine explained to me that this was a good way to go in order to get your page up and running, and that is how I was able to begin making good money on my channel.

    There is no reason not to invest in your channel if you want to be able to make money from it.  You get what you put into your channel, and that is why this is a good investment.